Saturday, May 13 2006, Prospect Nova Scotia

The door was unlocked...

The first thing I noticed was the table in the kitchen.

“It was and has been a very long and tiring day. I'm sipping on Jost wine "Prima Rosa" wine from a Nova Scotia vineyard.”

My wine, my cooking, my music, and my laptop at the foot of the table. Twelve years later, I would imagine there was an old typewriter in front of me.

This place rolls with the spirits,
comes over you,
with exaggeration,
but slight unexpectation.

They dance about you,
cast a shroud upon you,
whisper of the past,
long for the future.

Where have I heard this,

I sat at the table and explored a new concept for my art. It was a journey to abstract expression. Twelve years later, I would reimagine my artwork during that week with the original concept I had in mind prior to that week.

“Last night was quite beautiful. The corner of my cottage (bedroom) faces the open sea. There was almost a full moon and it was just so lovely shining on the ocean and making it (and my bedroom) illuminated.”